Arrest Made After Suspected 'High' Driver Kills Pregnant Mother

Thursday, August 28th 2014, 7:48 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Pauls Valley family is closer to justice after an arrest in their daughter's death.

An arrest has been made 10 months after a driver, police say was high after huffing, smashed into a car driven by Tonja Pando.

The 21 year old, who was pregnant, was killed.

“My grand babies will never know their mother,” Tonja's mother, Veronica said.

Prosecutors just got back toxicology results and have charged Matthew Imotichey will two counts of first-degree manslaughter.

Prosecutors say Imotichey purchased three cans of compressed air from a Paul Valley Walmart and was seen on surveillance cameras in the parking lot of the store for hours afterwards.

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Investigators say after he left Walmart he struck Pando's car.

“Two of the three cans were empty,” Garvin County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said about what was found in Imotichey's car after the accident.

“He has destroyed my family for his stupidity,” Veronica said.

Testing blood for chemicals in huffing cases requires more sophisticated equipment than a blood alcohol test.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation tells News 9 the instrument for the test was broken and had to be replaced, and that's why it took 10 months to get the toxicology done.

Imotichey has been charged with two counts of first-degree manslaughter.