Ada Man Beaten, Left For Dead

Tuesday, September 2nd 2014, 11:29 pm
By: News 9

An Ada man was attacked and left for dead. He's in the hospital, and two people are in jail and under investigation.

The attack was gruesome, and the man somehow managed to survive, but he wasn't found until several days later.

The porch light was still on at Apartment A, but nobody's home. A 67-year-old man lives here, but he's in the hospital after police say someone beat and stabbed him then left him for dead.

Ada police were called to the place after a park ranger asked them to stop by and check on Garry Gray, because the park ranger had arrested Bryan Ross and Kendra Lefors.

Police say Ross and Lefors were taken into custody for "possession of firearm after felony conviction, possession of controlled dangerous substance and resisting arrest." The couple also had several of Gray's credit cards and were driving around in his car leading investigators to Gray's door.

“I called the manager of the apartment complex which met me over there, used the key to get in, and I found the victim in the floor,” Ada Police Officer Michael Meeks said.

Gray's almost lifeless body in the hallway. He'd been there for days.

“There was a strong ammonia smell,” Meeks said. “He had massive head trauma, and he was unconscious.”

Gray was flown to OU Medical Center, and his condition is not good. Meanwhile, detectives continue to work the case. While Ross and Lefors are behind bars, police have not identified them as Gray's attackers, even though a mountain of evidence was collected including a shotgun, two rifles and knives. One knife was covered in blood, and Leflors it claimed happened when she "skinned a rabbit."

News 9 went to Ross's home, but nobody was there, and the address listed on the police report for Leflors' address is the same address as Gray's.

“He had picked up a hitchhiker,” apartment manager Annette Ketcham said. “He tried to help her, let her stay there a couple of months, and it was her and her boyfriend that attacked him. He tried to help somebody that just wasn't a nice person.”

Authorities are still working this case. Gray is listed in critical condition Tuesday night.