Best Friends Of Duncan Murder Suspect Speak Out

Wednesday, October 15th 2014, 10:05 pm
By: News 9

The son of a slain Duncan family confesses to the murder of his mom, dad and sister. That son, Alan Hruby, has been charged with murder.

He's a freshman at OU, and, now, his two best friends are talking.

Today at his first court appearance, the District Attorney called Alan Hruby cold and evil, but Hruby's roommates said that's not how they knew their friend.

"He was a great guy," said Andrew Burmann, friend of Alan's. "He was one of my closest friends here, and nothing he ever did sent up any major red flags."

Memories with Hruby make it that much harder for OU freshmen Andrew Burmann and Corey Abernathy to believe that their friend and roommate has confessed to the murder of his parents, John and Tinker, and sister, Katherine.

"He's always the loud one, always the center of the room," Abernathy said.

“It's still hard to grasp that, and I don't want to believe it, but it's reality," Burmann said.

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In the affidavit released Wednesday, it showed money to be the root of this evil.

Hruby confessed he killed his family, because he had been cut off financially due to an abundance of spending.

Spending habits Burmann knew well, which included Louis Vuitton backpacks.

Burmann even knew Hruby was in Shoppers Anonymous.

"He was very very lavish," said Burmann. "I know he spent $20,000 in the first month, and it was characteristic of him to just go out and buy things on a whim."

That lavish lifestyle was on full display when Hruby and Burmann took a trip to Texas to watch the OU-Texas football game.

Hruby stayed at a five-star hotel and posted a picture to Instagram of Burmann at the Hotel.

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All while, according to the affidavit, Hruby's family laid dead in their kitchen for nearly two days.

“We were laughing, making jokes and he was hiding this," said Burmann. "Nothing seemed abnormal, which is one of the scariest things."

Even more troublesome for Burmann and Abernathy, they could recall only one time when Hruby got real angry with his parents, and it involved money.

"He did try to transfer a large amount of money from his trust fund, but his father caught him and stopped it, and he was pretty angry," Burmann said.

We did check into Hruby's background, and prosecutors said Hruby assaulted his mother two years ago.