Serial Robbery Suspect Uses 'Scream' Mask During Crime

Tuesday, October 21st 2014, 5:47 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police are on the hunt for what they are calling a serial robber. Police say the suspect has already hit at least three places in both northwest and southwest Oklahoma City.

Police say he hit a Quick Stop, located at NW 12th and Portland Ave., last Wednesday, armed with a gun and wearing a mask made popular by the horror movie “Scream”.

“He was ready to shoot,” said Lasaundra Robinson, who came face-to-face with robber.

Robinson says both she and the owner of the Quick Stop came terrifyingly close to his gun.

“He was pointing it at me, the clerk, me the clerk, getting real anxious and real nervous,” recalled Robinson.

Robinson says at one point the robber pointed the gun right at her head.

“I was just shaking and saying ‘Please God! Don't let him shoot! Just don't let him shoot,'” said Robinson.

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Fortunately, surveillance cameras captured the robber's every move that day. They were also rolling at the Portland Liquor store near NW 12th and Portland, but this time the robber, who police believe is the same man who hit the Quick Stop, was not wearing a mask when he confronted the clerk.

Several angles from the liquor store camera show the man pointing a gun at the clerk through the entire robbery and demanding for him to put all the cash into a black bag. And when the clerk was not fast enough, the robber decided to reach over and grab the cash out of the register himself.

Police say they believe this is the same guy who also robbed the Portland Grocery store near SW 37th and Portland last Friday.

Robinson hopes police catch him before he strikes again.

“He's gonna wind up hurting somebody,” said Robinson. “Somebody's gonna wind up losing their life over it.”

If you recognize the man, please call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.