Beer Delivery Man Stops Would-Be Robber At Enid Convenience Store

Tuesday, October 28th 2014, 6:30 pm
By: News 9

A beer delivery man is being hailed a hero Tuesday night, after thwarting a would-be robber while on the job. And the entire encounter was caught on camera.

Brock Nulph considers himself as just a regular beer delivery man. But on Monday, Nulph decided to put down the beer and deliver a heroic act.

"Just an ordinary guy that chose to do the right thing," said Nulph.

At 8:40 a.m. Monday at D&T's convenience store, Nulph was in the back unloading cans and bottles just like he does every Monday.

Kristi Shiemann was manning the counter and she was the first person to encounter the masked man.

Unable to understand what he's saying, Shiemann motioned for the man to leave the store.

"I asked him to get out of our store or take the stuff off his face. And about that time is when he held up the gun or what I thought to be a gun," said Shiemann.

The situation then escalated. The masked man went behind the counter and Shiemann grabbed for a taser and a telephone. She then jumped over the counter and ran to the freezer, where Nulph was still unpacking.

"He'd have to fight two of us instead of one of us," said Shiemann.

But Nulph, who has no history in wrestling or law enforcement, let his protective instinct take over.

"I see the guy coming around the counter and he looks at me and just looks straight at the door. So my reaction to him was she said she was being robbed, I got to get this guy," said Nulph.

Nulph grabbed the man by the arms, checked for a clear area and slammed him to the ground, then maneuvered himself on top of the robber.

"I was like ‘My hero!'" said Shiemann.

"You have a split second to make a decision and that's the one I made," said Nulph.

Nulph had the robber pinned for nearly five minutes until police arrived. In that time Nulph learned the gun was actually a stick, and the robber was just 14 years old.

"Brock is my hero. I'll tell that to the whole world. I love that Coors man," said Shiemann.

"I just hope this guy changes his life. He doesn't need to be on this path," said Nulph.

While pinned down, Nulph asked the would-be robber why he wasn't in school. His response: Because he was suspended.

Because of his age, the robber's will not be released. But police say he will be charged with armed robbery and possession of marijuana and tobacco, along with possession of paraphernalia.