Woman Mauled By Dog At NW OKC Apartment Complex

Monday, December 22nd 2014, 6:34 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City woman said she was mauled by a neighbor's dog. She decided to press charges against that dog, who is still with his owner.

Animal welfare officials said they are in the process of taking that dog into custody. The victim's mother told News 9, until it's gone, she won't feel safe outside her home. 

Rita Hodge said she is still haunted by the shrieks of her daughter screaming on Thursday night.

“I close my eyes at night and I hear my daughter scream,” said Hodge.

Hodge told News 9 the attack happened a few steps out of her apartment as her daughter walked to the parking lot. The boxer broke free from his owner and charged after Hodge's daughter.

“I heard a dog barking and then all of the sudden, it turned from a dog barking to a bark and a growl. And within seconds I heard my daughter scream,” she said.

Hodge ran to the window and saw the dog latched on to her daughter's arm. The attack sent her daughter to the hospital where she received several stitches. Hodge and other neighbors with children said they are frustrated that police didn't take the boxer away that night.

“I've been around dogs all my life. That was a very ... it was one of the most traumatic things I've ever seen,” she said.

Oklahoma City police said officers did everything by the book that night. They said because the dog was no longer attacking the woman when they arrived, and she made the decision to press charges 24 hours after the attack, they were unable to take the dog.

So up until the victim pressed charges, police treated this like a dog bite incident, putting the boxer on a 10-day home quarantine. Authorities said the attack is being investigated as a "dangerous dog case" by animal welfare, who will turn their findings over to prosecutors.

Once the dog is in animal welfare's custody, it will remain with them until the case goes before a judge who'll decide the fate of the boxer.

Police admitted they made a mistake by allowing the victim to sign the citation to press charges without having the dog in custody.