OKC Woman Held At Knifepoint, Escapes 'Thirsty' Captor

Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 7:38 pm
By: News 9

A metro woman was taken on a wild ride when a stranger held her at knifepoint and told her to drive. It was a pit stop before the final destination that gave the victim a chance to escape.

Michelle Zettee was loading her SUV after a late night grocery shopping trip last week when she said Mardell Tubbs asked her for a ride. Zettee told her ‘no' and got in her SUV to head home.

“She's popped in the car with me and I told her, ‘You know I told ya I can't give you a ride.' She shut the door behind her and grabbed a hold of my purse because it was sitting in the console between the two seats and she pulled out a knife,” said Zettee.

Held captive a knifepoint, Zettee followed the demands to take Tubbs to an uncle's house. Zettee got on MacArthur then headed toward downtown on I-40, hoping she'd survive if she followed her kidnapper's demands.

“I was panicking and I was afraid I was going to get stabbed,” she said.

After exiting the highway the two women drove around for a bit before Tubbs told her to stop at a liquor store near NW 10th and Western Ave.

“When she had me pull over at the liquor store, she didn't call it a liquor store, it's ‘We're going to pull over here at the giggle juice store',” said Zettee.

And that's where Zettee made her escape, locking the doors and peeling out of the parking lot once Tubbs was inside the store.

“Who pulls a knife on somebody and then get out of the car and says, ‘wait right here'?” said Zettee.

Police arrested Tubbs this week after Zettee picked her out in a photo line-up.