Bethany Residents Voice Concerns Over Proposed Crematorium At Public Meeting

Friday, January 16th 2015, 12:47 am
By: News 9

Neighbors in Bethany push back against a plan for a new crematorium. They say it would be too close for comfort, and now they're speaking out in front of the city and the company. This isn't the first time this new proposal has been brought up, and won't be the last either.

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The place was packed, and there was standing room only. Many Bethany showed up to express their interest and concern about the second item on the agenda, a proposed crematorium in the 4100 block of North Council road. 

It's the first time the public had a chance to chime in about the matter, but before a spokesperson for the residents spoke, the crowd heard from Mercer-Adams funeral home proposing the crematorium. There are 10 places in the metro providing the services.

Raising more concerns was some of the information shared by the Tulsa based company that manufactures crematoriums. During that presentation folks in the attendance learned that there are no state requirements or certification for crematorium operators, and that there are no inspections by the state of individual crematoriums once they are in place.

Other details about the set up include two crematorium chambers reaching temperatures up to 1800 degrees. What human remains don't turn into hot gas and exit out the top of the stack fall to the bottom. Each stack, which is the chimney like structure, has to be at least 13 feet tall to operate properly, but code requirements in this case call for 15 feet.

Citizens voiced concerns over a decrease in property values which effect revenue for the school system. The matter will be heard by the city council on February 17.