OKC Woman Keeps Erratic Suspect From Getting Away

Friday, January 16th 2015, 9:22 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City woman sprawled onto the hood of a car to keep an out-of-control suspect from getting away Thursday.

Police said when they arrived, the suspect used his vehicle as a weapon against them.

A FedEx driver had just delivered something to Kathleen Baker and then her neighbor blocked the FedEx truck from leaving.

Baker sat on 44-year-old Brad Maritt's car and waited for police to arrive, but after she jumped off, he grazed her with his car.

"I didn't want him to drive off with me, I don't want to be on the hood of the car on Penn," she told News 9.

When police arrived, things got even crazier.

"They got out of the car and it was like an episode of 'Cops,'" said Baker.

Police said Maritt was using his car as a weapon against them, revving his engine and trying to run over the officers.

“It looked like he was trying to run the one cop down that had his gun pointed at his face," Baker said.

Baker said Maritt rammed into his own mailbox, smashed into his garage door and then several officers surrounded him.

"They all got in his driver's side and one of them busted the window open and pulled him out physically," Baker recalled. "He started crying and screaming," she added.

Baker was not hurt and the two officers were expected to be fine.

Maritt was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on several complaints including assault with a deadly weapon, assaulting a police officer and DUI.