Mistakes To Avoid During Search For New Job

Monday, January 19th 2015, 10:17 am
By: News 9

There are a number of things you could do to ruin your chance at landing a job -- from showing up late or even falling asleep during the interview.

But there are a number of smaller mistakes some of us might not think about. Tiny mistakes are what managers complain about the most.

So here are the top blunders you should avoid while searching for your next job. You can find the list on USA Today.

First up -- make sure your resume is short. Managers want the high points of your experience, not details.

Second -- you've heard it before -- typos and lying on your resume are big no-nos.

Next -- not including a cover letter. Many employers will immediately dismiss you for not sending one.

Not following directions is also on the list. When you are applying for a job, look to see if there are any special instructions -- like explaining your experience.

Number five -- putting the wrong company name on your cover letter.

The last five focus on what not to do during an interview.

Number one -- not getting back to the employer fast enough. You should always respond back to their request within one business day. Showing up late or too early is also something to avoid. You'll want to avoid talking bad about your old workplace.

Another thing managers look for is sending a thank-you note. Sending a quick-note will make you stand out in the process.

Here's one you'll need practice for. Managers notice if you have a terrible handshake.