My 2 Cents: Westbrook's Interview Execution Needs Improvement

Tuesday, January 20th 2015, 11:05 pm
By: News 9

I'm a huge fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and a big fan of Russell Westbrook, who I think is the most exciting player in the NBA.

But I don't like the way Russell has been handling some of his responsibilities, yes his responsibilities with the media, and ultimately the fans.

He's making a practice of giving terse, one-word answers, repeating the same answer to every question. It's childish.

And to tell a reporter, on camera, he doesn't like him makes Westbrook look like a jerk, and I don't think he is.

Maybe he was upset about a criticism of the team the reporter had written, but let's be honest, the media has treated the Thunder with kid gloves since they got here, and they've gotten used to it.

Admittedly, they've been a great team and franchise as a whole, but not perfect.

Yet, most all of the shortcomings have been overlooked because, frankly, we've felt lucky to have a big league team, especially a contender.

But dare I say the players are lucky too to have such a rabid fan base here, fans who want to learn more about them through the media's reporting.

I admire Russell Westbrook's white hot intensity on the court, but the cold shoulder he's giving reporters, especially local ones, is bush league.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.