Oklahoma Fire Crews Anticipate Grass Fires On Sunday

Saturday, January 24th 2015, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

With high winds and drier conditions expected Sunday, fire crews said they anticipate another round of grass fires.

Jim Gardner and Bob Mills Sky News 9 were above smaller fires in Edmond and Piedmont Saturday.

A grass fire broke around 3 p.m. Saturday with huge plumes of smoke along N.W. 234th Street and Meridian Avenue.

At one point, some roads were closed as traffic was not allowed through Sorghum Mill Road.

Firefighters said about 60 acres were burned. It threatened nearby homes and came close to a farmhouse and a barn.

Several crews were on scene from Edmond, Piedmont, Cashion, Oak Cliff and Deer Creek.

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They battled burning hay bales and trash pits smoldering on the dry land.

"Any day with these dry conditions, even if the wind is very light, there still is plenty of fuel out here, and a fire can start very easily," said Deer Creek Assistant Fire Chief Michael Montgomery.

Montgomery said Saturday's fire was just the beginning and that Sunday will be worse.

So firefighters preached prevention in preparation.

"Anything that can cause a fire, whether it be a cigarette butt, if you're driving down the road and pulling a trailer make sure the chains are up off the ground since those have started fires before, we don't recommend any burning of anything, no open flames outside," Montgomery said.

Crews continued to check for hotspots well into Saturday night.

"We're going to just completely drown out these pits and these hay bales and keep our eye out on it from there," Montgomery said.

No structures were damaged although there was a loss of hay bales.

There was no word on what started that fire.