Yukon Mom Confronts Driver Photographing Children At Bus Stop

Monday, January 26th 2015, 6:11 pm
By: News 9

Yukon parents said they are on high alert after catching a woman they said was taking pictures of their children. When one of the parents confronted the woman near the bus stop, she sped away.

Feet away from where about a dozen kids waited for the bus in the morning, an unusual and unfamiliar silver Nissan Altima sat parked last Thursday and Friday morning.

On Friday, another mother in the neighborhood called Dena explaining that her child saw someone in that parked car taking pictures of kids getting on the bus.

“I'm a momma bear, you don't mess with my kid,” she said.

Dena decided to confront the driver, but noticed the car looked suspicious.

A visor blocked the front windshield and the car's tags were from two different states.

“You couldn't see the person in the car she completely blocked anyone being able to see her. The side windows were so dark that you couldn't see that there was a person in the car,” said Dena. “I got really close and I knocked, no response. Knocked again, no response. So I stepped forward with the camera and started taking pictures of the car.”

Dena snapped a few photos of the car and the woman sitting inside.

“I asked her why she was there and she simply said 'I can sit here if I want'. And I said, ‘Well what's your business? Why are you here?' And she said 'I'm just sitting here.' And I said, ‘You are just sitting here taking pictures of my child and other children that I care about,'” she said.

The driver took off Dena said when she was told police were on their way.

“This woman could have been taking pictures for predators. She could have been taking pictures to sell on the internet for predators. She could have been part of a sex trafficking ring. There could have been multiple reasons why the woman was here and none of them were good,” she said

Oklahoma City police said the incident is suspicious, but they're not sure any crime was committed.

Parents said the woman did not return Monday morning.