OKC Woman Finds 70-Year-Old WWII Remembrance Letters

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015, 5:42 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Oklahoma City woman says museums are trying to get what she found up in her attic.

Chrissy Dollarhide found a leather bound book that reads “Letters of Remembrance: World War II On The Outside.”

It includes a number of handwritten letters to the wife of a serviceman who was killed in action in 1945.

“Then I got on my computer and started looking it up, trying to find who is this person,” said Dollarhide.

The person was Guy Jones Jr., an Army paratrooper who was killed in action jumping into Germany in March 1945.

One letter addressed to Ruth reads, “I'm so thankful that Guy had you and you had him.”

Another one reads, “I still can't talk about Guy. It's still so hard to believe.”

Researching Guy's family has put her in contact with a couple Museums that want Dollarhide to send the book of letters to them. Dollarhide thinks Jones' family deserves to see them first.

Dollarhide is now trying to find Jones's family so they can have the letters.

“I would want somebody to take the time to research and come find me,” said Dollarhide.

Dollarhide thinks the letters may have belonged to the family of the previous homeowner, but she passed away years ago.