Chickasha PD: Newspaper Scam Suspect Leaves Cell Phone Behind

Monday, February 9th 2015, 11:26 pm
By: News 9

Chickasha police said they are on the hunt for two people who are using a clever scheme to get inside homes. They then go after just one thing, but at one victim's home they left behind a big clue.

It happened to a woman in her eighties when two people met her outside in her yard.

The man and woman met her outside but soon found a reason to work their way inside her home.

“They asked if they could come in and use the phone for just a moment,” Chickasha Police Chief Shannon Mclain said. “The female in this group used the telephone while the male asked to go to the restroom. The male used the restroom at some point, but when he came out of the restroom he made his way to the kitchen and started going through cabinets.”

Police said he swiped some of the woman's prescription medication. Meanwhile the report stated the woman chatted it up with the elderly woman. What looked like a quick scheme the two plotted to get pills was disguised as nothing more than a couple of people selling a newspaper.

“I'm not sure whether that's going to be delivered on or not,” Mclain said.

There may not have been a paper on the door step, but there was certainly enough left behind for police.

The woman left behind her cell phone and in it, police said, were texts talking about buying pills, ‘Roxy' and other drug references.

“The fact that we've got their phone that should lead to some pretty good results,” he said.

The woman paid for a subscription to a newspaper and even got a receipt.