Police Say Metro Father Dumps Baby While Running From Officers

Tuesday, February 10th 2015, 5:09 pm
By: News 9

Police said a metro father running from them dumped his infant daughter and kept on running!

The child, thankfully, was in a car carrier and not hurt.

“We thought the most exciting part of that day was the fact my boss left his keys at home and we were late opening the shop. But no it got real interesting real quick,” said Cash Now Pawn clerk Leslie Travis.

Most of that interesting day was caught on the Cash Now Pawn surveillance cameras.

It started with Christopher McDonald walking in to the store with his baby girl, police said, possibly trying to sell a stolen weed eater.

“He started talking about how he needed money for a hotel room because him [sic] and his baby's mother was out of sorts. Then I was like wait, do I recognize him from my friend's Facebook post?” Travis said.

Trying to stall McDonald, Leslie Travis quickly searched online and realized the name, face, and story all matched the post.

“My biggest thing was like I said how can I keep him in the store without making him aware that I am deliberately trying to keep him in the store,” she said.

Just as Travis made this discovery, a Moore police officer walked in. Someone tipped off the officer that McDonald was allegedly trying to sell stolen items.

And after running his tag, the officer realized McDonald was wanted on two assault warrants out of Logan County and saw a note to take custody of the baby because the mother reported her missing.

McDonald then took off, running with the baby in hand, but not for long.

Police said what you couldn't see in the video was McDonald ditching the baby in a median, then running another half block before police caught up with him.

“I went and picked up the child and brought her back to the police department, got her changed. Detectives kind of played with her until we got mom here,” said Sergeant Jeremy Lewis, Moore Police Department.