Red Dirt Diaries: Moon Rocks Delivered To Mustang School

Friday, February 20th 2015, 7:35 pm
By: Karl Torp

For the next two weeks, an elementary school in Mustang is guaranteed to have kids "over the moon" about class.

It feels like a rock star visited Mustang Creek Elementary. And the rock part is right, as in real moon rocks a whopping 240,000 miles from home.

The experience was hard for kids to put into words.

But third grade teacher Amanda Neely provided perspective. In fact, she had to meet with a NASA representative to make the party possible.

“We received handling instructions to handle them properly,” Neely said.

The rocks go in a locked safe at night and will be returned to NASA

There are only three ways the rocks made the journey to Earth.

They were collected during US Apollo missions more than 40 years ago, by an unmanned soviet probe, or fell to earth as lunar meteorites.

The full history behind the moon rocks in Mustang wasn't known, but for two weeks at the school, that didn't tarnish their rock star status. 

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