Two Trailers Stolen From OKC Boy Scouts

Saturday, February 21st 2015, 6:47 pm
By: News 9

The Boy Scouts are proud to say they are always prepared.

But Saturday, one metro troop found it was unprepared after two of their trailers were stolen overnight.

“Do a Good Turn Daily” is the slogan Luis Ledezma and every Boy Scout lives by.

"I just enjoy helping people without getting anything in return," said Ledezma, who is a ‘Venture Scout' in Troop 47.

The Boys Scouts of America have enjoyed doing good since 1910.

And Luis' Troop 47 has been doing it for 68 years and is Oklahoma City's only south side troop.

"It's such a good experience, I love it," said Ledezama.

But there was nothing good about this most recent experience.

"I never thought it would happen to us," said Ledezma.

"It's an evil act," said scout and venture leader Dee Browning.

Two of the troop's three trailers were gone. They were stolen overnight in the back parking lot of a church. 

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The lock on the gate was sawed off and leader Dee Browning discovered the empty lot.

"I literally stopped in my tracks in awe, like, where's the trailer?" Browning said.

The sawed off lock wasn't the only clue. Fragments of the tail light were left behind and they could see tire tracks for more than five blocks. The trailers weren't empty either. Luis, Dee and the rest of Troop 47 loaded the trailer the night before with an estimated $10,000 worth of equipment.

"A hole in your stomach. Just you know, your heart sinks," said Browning.

But his heart didn't sink because of the equipment.

"The hardest thing is telling the kids, ‘Oh hey, okay, you got to go home today,'" said Browning.

The troop was geared up for a weekend camping trip to the Wichita Mountains.

It was considered one of the great trips out the year and one Luis was looking forward to, like always.

"We're Boy Scouts, we try to help but we know even if we do try to help some people we still or some bad things will still happen to us and that kind of bad thing happened to us," said Ledezma.

"There's a lot more evil in the world, but that's not a very good thing to do," said Browning.

While the gate may have been broken, the gate to the Boy Scout law will always stay locked. Because scouts like Luis said they will continue to do good daily no matter how much evil is around.

"Don't let this kind of stuff get you down, affect you too much. Like I said, I have close friends and you know we're all in this together," said Ledezma. 

View the troop's GoFundMe page.