One-On-One With OK Freshman Congressman Steve Russell

Tuesday, February 24th 2015, 4:52 pm

It's an interesting time to be a freshman in Congress; Suddenly being in a position to influence national and international issues of real significance. The first-term representative from Oklahoma's 5th district, Steve Russell, understands that.

Congressman Russell's lengthy military career certainly prepared him for difficult assignments, and he's got a few right now. As a member of the House Education Committee, he is actively involved right now in an effort to repeal No Child Left Behind, and pass what's being called the Student Success Act.

Russell says the bill would give states more control and empower teachers.

“Teachers do a magnificent job, they need to be trusted, and be given a little bit of flexibility, how about a lot of flexibility,” Russell said.

Flexibility is also important, Russell says, in how we deal with ISIS. He says this is a very serious threat and the President needs to give military leaders the tools to get the job done

“And that means you have to embed ground troops, not large formations in some big war, but you've gotta have them out there in embedded teams to call in air strikes, to do med-evac, to bring logistics in, all of these things.”

Russell believes Congress will approve a military authorization for the President. He believes it should be for 12 months and should have very specific objectives, so they can measure progress being made.