Work For OKC Animal Control Rises As Temperatures Fall

Tuesday, February 24th 2015, 5:36 pm
By: Karl Torp

When the weather gets cold, OKC Animal Control gets inundated with calls.

OKC Animal Control said cruelty calls have doubled this week, compared to last week when it was a lot warmer.

“We got a report that there are four dogs tied up in the backyard without shelter,” said Animal Control Officer Christina Myers, Tuesday, during an animal welfare check.

“That dog's wagging its tail,” observed Myers, as she examined the backyard from the front of the home. 

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The animals had dog houses in the backyard, so no citation was written, and the animals remained at the property.

News 9 was there for another welfare check after a caller reported a dog being tied up in the front of the house with no shelter. As it turned out, the owner was home and let the dog back inside.

Myers, along with Officer Jeff Ellis, did find a stray puppy in northeast Oklahoma City.

“Hopefully she is going to go get adopted and somebody will be taking care of her,” says Officer Ellis.