New Social Media App Focuses On Privacy

Thursday, February 26th 2015, 8:11 am
By: News 9

Sharing without the worry of your privacy being violated is the concept of a new social media niche app for families.

We just caught wind of Notabli and had to share with you. It allows you to keep your family moments online, but private.

Organized, but with limited access. Everything on it is behind the user's name and password. It's basically an online scrapbook that you share with a small circle only. And, it's targeted for parents who like to brag, but safely.

"If I have access to anyone's Facebook, I have access to their kids' picture and sometimes you see things like this where they are grabbed and used in ads or for fake Facebook accounts. Hopefully Notabli will prevent this to lock it down and more of a give-permission site than deny-permission site," said Patrick Allmond with All About Focus.

There is a free version of Notabli. And, again it's all about you being more in control of who sees your online family memories.

Learn more about Notabli here.