Bridge In Grady County Officially Deemed Unsafe

Friday, February 27th 2015, 10:43 pm
By: News 9

Grady County Emergency Management Director Dale Thompson Friday announced a small wooden bridge near I-44 has been deemed “unsafe.” 

Thompson said all bridges are inspected once a year. He said this bridge, at the intersection of County Road 1320 and County Street 2890 has been on his radar for about a year. 

The bridge, which spans the small West Bitter Creek, Thompson said, is a bridge the driver of a fire tanker truck chose not to drive across after being called to a fire last year. 

He said the good news is this bridge is the only bridge in Grady County that is now shut down. And he said less than ten people live in the immediate area. “It's not a main collector or something so I mean it's probably more aggravating for farmers out there as anything. The farmers having to go around it,” he said. He said it could take as long as three years to replace the bridge, depending on funding.