Police Search For Two Masked Suspects Who Robbed A Metro PCS

Monday, March 2nd 2015, 6:03 pm
By: News 9

Police said they are searching for two masked robbers who held two store clerks at knifepoint.

The Feb. 26 incident at the Metro PCS on N.W. 23rd Street and Portland Avenue was caught on camera.

"I realized something was wrong when I seen [sic] that door open," Christopher Rivera described. He said the robbery made him fear for his life.

His employer, Metro PCS provided surveillance video of two masked men rushing the counter.

Rivera explained, although you can't hear anything on the recording, the robbers made several demands of him and his co-worker.

"They told her, they were like get on the (expletive) ground... and they told me open the (expletive) register," Rivera said. The burglars were angry when the first register was found to be empty, he added.

Rivera said the robbers then forced him to open a second register full of cash.

"It was kind of nerve-racking because he had a big knife and he was just swinging it everywhere," said Rivera.

The robbers also allegedly stole Rivera's personal belongings. He cooperated hoping they would leave without harming anyone.

Rivera guessed right, the robbers took what they wanted and were gone in a matter of minutes.

He said he is now concerned this frightening encounter may not be the last.

"They can still come back over here and rob just like they did the first time," said Rivera.

It's possible.

According to Oklahoma City police reports, that location has been hit by thieves four times this year.

If you have any information contact Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.