Police Still Searching For Suspects Who Crashed Into Bethany Home, Power Poles

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015, 7:01 pm
By: News 9

It was a rude awakening Tuesday morning for several Bethany residents after a car plows into a woman's home. The crash not only damaged the home, but also left hundreds of people without power because police say the driver also smashed into two utility poles just before he crashed.

Bethany police are still looking for the driver and his passenger Tuesday night.

"We thought the world was coming to an end at 2 o'clock in the morning. It made a terrible noise," said homeowner Carol Bohanan.

It was the sound of this white Chevy Impala barreling through part of Bohanan's home. Bohanan had just fallen asleep when she was startled awake by the sound and the shaking of her home.

"I actually thought it was an airplane had hit a power line or something," she said. 

Bethany police say the driver blew through a stop sign on the other side of NW 19th St. and kept driving.

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Bohanan came outside to find the car partially inside her home. She says the driver and passenger were arguing and screaming at each other.

"I came back out looked around and they were running off. They threw their gloves in the driveway and they ran down the street," said Bohanan.

Police looked for the two men inside an apartment complex across the street from Bohanan's home, but never found them.

On Tuesday morning crews worked to quickly replace the two utility poles take out from the crash. The downed poles knocked out power to nearly 800 people.

“But you know I really look at it as a blessing. Number one he didn't hit us in our bedrooms where he could have really killed one of us. And number two nobody seems to have been injured badly,” she said.

Police say they received a tip from a 7-11 clerk just a few blocks away, saying shortly after the crash two men walked into the store, one man bleeding. There has been no word if the two are connected to the crash.