Oklahoma Boy Recovers From Fall That Left Him Partially Paralyzed, Unable To Speak

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015, 11:10 pm
By: News 9

A fall from a bunk bed nearly claimed the life of a 4-year-old boy, but his 8-year-old brother and their dad thought fast to get help.

Partially paralyzed and unable to speak for a week, he is now making a big recovery here in the metro.

Caleb, 4, and his 8-year-old brother were in their room playing when Caleb fell from the top of a bunk bed.

Caleb was on the floor unconscious with a severe brain hemorrhage, and time was of the essence to get him to a hospital.

“If we hadn't had got him in when we did, they told us point blank he would have died, that just stops your heart,” said Andrew Nation, Caleb's father.

Hard to tell now, but it's only been a week since Caleb couldn't walk or even speak.

Overwhelmed with the presence of his favorite superhero, who came in for his send off, Caleb appeared to have no worries at all.

“I never thought two weeks ago he'd be up running and playing like this today,” said Nation.

Caleb's father Andrew Nation was at his home in Collinsville near Tulsa when the accident happened.

“Brother comes running in and says, ‘Hey Caleb's on the floor.' Go in there and he's unconscious,” said Nation. “I saw him on the floor and just wanted to panic, just rolled him over and started patting him on his chest trying to get him to breath.”

Caleb was rushed to the hospital, and within hours he was in emergency surgery for bleeding on the brain.

“As hours progress and that bleed gets more and more and more, it causes compression of the brain, and it can be deadly,” said Tami McMichael, Nurse Practitioner at The Children's Center.

“Part of you wants to cry, part of you wants to break down, but you just cant. We just never gave up hope,” said Nation.

During inpatient therapy at the Children's Center in Bethany, Caleb has made miraculous improvements. He began walking and talking again.

Only seven days prior he was in a wheel chair with little control over the left side of his body.

“And I think his energy and his strength is what helped him out with this, and the grace of God,” said Nation.

And just like Batman, Caleb's father said his son is a fighter.

“I've learned a lot from him. He's a tough little guy,” said Nation.

Caleb's father said he's getting rid of those bunk beds. Caleb was able to go home, but will continue outpatient therapy.