Red Dirt Diaries: Rifles From OKC Business Featured In "American Sniper"

Friday, March 6th 2015, 5:58 pm
By: Karl Torp

It's a true hero's story now being told to millions across our country, and it has an Oklahoma tie.

At Two Rivers Arms in southwest OKC, accuracy in the weapons they make is just as important their authenticity.

"A lot of collectors pick these up," said Shawn Hernandez who helps build the rifles.

Two Rivers Arms gives customers something our own soldiers couldn't bring back from the battlefield in Iraq: The AK 47 Tubuk Rifles used by the Iraqi army.

"We make them as authentic as possible," said Hernandez.

Which is why Producers of the film "American Sniper", tapped Two Rivers to make six tabuk rifles for the film.

"We were like okay, this is a joke," recalled Rep. Russell when he first got the call.

"To be apart of this and have our stuff be part of this, it's an amazing thing," said Hernandez.

Hernandez used the adjective "amazing" not just because his craftsmanship is seen on screen, but also to take part of such an important story.

American Sniper, the story of the U.S. Military's most lethal marksman, tackles issues like life after war for soldiers.

"You got to rally around our soldiers and support them," said Hernandez, a Navy reservist himself.

The fact that American Sniper has grossed more than 320 million dollars shows the guys at Two Rivers Arms, that unlike their guns, help for soldiers at home won't be put away.

"People want to know what's happening over there," said Hernandez.

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