Oklahoma Teen Fights To Recover From Golf Cart Accident

Thursday, March 19th 2015, 11:13 pm
By: News 9

A freak accident involving a golf cart at the Arbuckle Mountains leaves a 15-year-old girl with skull fractures, brain swelling, and blood clots.

With the help of her parents, the teen is fighting to recover.

For 15-year-old McKinzy Livsey, this was just a spring break trip with her friends. But, it ended abruptly.

“He said, something happened with McKinzy, and you need to come home immediately,” said Shannon Livsey, McKinzy's mother.

It was Sunday when Travis and Shannon Livsey received a frantic phone call.

“I said who is that screaming in the background, and she said it was McKinzy,” said Shannon.

McKinzy, the Livsey's only child was med-flighted to OU Children's Hospital.

“All I heard was my baby crying in the background, and I couldn't do it. She was an hour away, and I couldn't get there quick enough,” said Livsey.

McKinzy was a passenger inside a golf cart with two friends. Her parents said McKinzy and the driver decided to trade seats.

“They switched. McKinzy's foot stayed on the gas,” said McKinzy's father, Travis Livsey. “They were just being typical teenagers, and without thinking, or stopping, apparently they kept driving.

Travis said the girls may have hit a bump causing McKinzy to lose her grip, and footing, and fall out head first.

“I'm thinking first part to hit the ground was her head, because that's where the most trauma is obviously”.

While in her hospital room Wednesday night, McKinzy passed out in her mother's arms.

“Last night was really bad,” said Livsey. “And if I hadn't been there to catch her, she would have hit her head again.”

Now, the Livsey's are holding on to their faith, and a quote from a motivational speaker.

“'It gets real when your struggle last longer than your strength, but God will carry you through,' said Livsey reading the quote by Trent Shelton “And I thought that was just kind of ironic given what we're now going through. So just have faith,” said Livsey. “One day at a time.”

McKinzy needs more X-rays especially around her neck because she's still wearing a neck brace.

If you'd like to help this family cover mounting medical expenses go to the website below.