Noble Man Assaults Edmond Police Officer

Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 6:48 pm
By: News 9

Edmond police arrested a Noble man outside Edmond North High School during spring break last week after he assaulted an officer. Most of the assault was caught on the officer's dash cam.

You can see as the officer pulls up to the front of Edmond North High School to check on a man wandering up front. It was an employee at the school who noticed the man at the school while it was closed for spring break.

“Looked like he was trying to take his clothes off,” said Jenny Monroe with the Edmond Police Department. “He seemed really angry, trying to throw his shoe at the door.”

You can see on the dash cam video when the officer first approaches the man to check his ID everything appears to be fine. But soon things take a turn for the worst. The man starts charging the officer. And the officer is forced to pull out his taser gun.

As the two walk off camera, police say the man, identified as Jeremy Lee Harbison,33, took a swing at the officer, so the officer deployed his taser.

You can then see Harbison running back and falling to the ground. The video shows the officer tries to deploy his taser gun again as Harbison fights back by kicking the officer on the ground. But then he gets up and starts confronting the officer again. He even hits him with his shoe. And that's when the two start struggling and fighting right outside the school.

Police say during the struggle, Harbison even went for the officer's gun, but was not successful. He was then handcuffed and taken to the hospital first to check out his injuries before he was hauled off to the Oklahoma County jail.

At last check, Harbison was still listed in jail on a $5,000 bond.

“He told the officer that was sitting with him overnight that if he'd gotten the gun he was going to shoot and kill our officer with it.”

Police say incidents like this show just how dangerous and unpredictable the calls officers go on can be at any given time.

“This call is one of the reasons why we go through so much training during the year,” said Monroe. “So our officers are able to think on their feet and react quickly because situations escalate so fast.”

Fortunately the officer involved was not hurt in the incident at all. In fact, he was out serving mobile meals to the elderly the very next day.