Furious Mother Wants Harsher Punishment For Purcell Player Who Hit Her Son

Friday, March 27th 2015, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

A nasty brawl between Purcell and Blanchard High School baseball teams turned into a fight between two teammates, leaving one with a broken jaw.

A mother is furious saying the kid who broke her son's jaw didn't get the punishment he deserved.

Angie Pritchett said her son will be out for at least six weeks recovering from that broken jaw caused by his own teammate. The issue for her is punishment, and she said she doesn't believe school officials understand.

“My child was attacked, and his jaw was broken,” said Pritchett. “Nothing has been done.”

Angie said the teenager who punched her son, breaking his jaw was suspended for three games.

“It's been a hard week, and I don't think anybody understands the severity of what happened that day to my child,” said Pritchett. “It's not fair.”

She said the three-game suspension wasn't enough.

Angie said her son's Purcell High School teammates were already upset after a fight broke out in the middle of the game.

She said players and coaches were in an all-out fist fight!

“The game should have been called. It wasn't, it just continued on,” said Pritchett.

She said the umpires were able to get everyone under control and the game resumed. But, it wasn't until after the game in the dugout when Angie's son was approached by his teammate.

“I said, I didn't shake any of their hands, and then my teammate said, ‘Why didn't you? And I said, ‘Why would I? They were disrespectful,'” said Angie's son.

“And before he could get anything out of his mouth, he grabbed him by the jersey and hit him in the side of his face three times with his fist,” said Pritchett.

In a statement from Purcell superintendent, Dr. Kathy Adams, she said:

“The school district does everything it can to provide safe extra- curricular activities for our students. The school district is aware of an incident that occurred at Blanchard at a baseball competition. The district has investigated the situation and taken appropriate disciplinary actions based on all the facts it has discovered. The district is unable to comment on the specific facts or discipline imposed because of federal and state confidentially laws. The school district will continue to strive to provide safe extra-curricular activities that enrich the educational experience of its students. The school district will not be commenting further.”

“I don't think he should be on the baseball team at this point,” said Pritchett. “I think he should be suspended from school.”

“It just happened so quick [sic]. It was just like, why is he punching me right now? What did I do to him? He's my teammate,” said Pritchett's son.

Thursday night, Angie said she met with the superintendent, the baseball coach, the student's father, and the principal in an effort to come up with a probable punishment.

So far, she said one hasn't been handed out.