Cleveland County Man Attacks Step Mom And Deputy

Wednesday, April 1st 2015, 7:18 pm
By: News 9

A Cleveland County man is arrested accused of attacking a woman with a knife and kicking a deputy in the face.

Officials said it started as a domestic disturbance but quickly escalated.

When deputies took Ricky Smith into custody he was already in trouble. But once he was placed in the back seat, his step mom said he snapped on police.

"Now it's come down to this. And I'm like no. This can't happen because it's just going to keep getting worse and worse and worse," said the alleged victim.

Just the other night, the step mom said thing did get worse. She originally took in 35-year-old Ricky Smith Jr. with hopes to help him.

But about a year ago, she said Smith hit her in the head. Now this time, she told police he attacked her with a knife.

"I don't remember, it was like a blur it just happened so quick, but I had enough common sense and block him away," said the woman.

She was left with four cuts to her arms and one to her face. She had enough courage to call police.

"It's uncalled for what he's done to me and this is the last straw," said the woman.

Reports said when deputies arrived, Smith said it was the crazy cat that made the cuts to his step mom's arms. Police believe that was an unlikely story.

"He was fine until they got him to the car and it was like he just snapped," said the woman.

Police said Smith repeatedly kicked the window of the patrol car, damaging the frame. Then when officials tried to strap his feet, he allegedly kicked one deputy in the forehead.

Smith was eventually restrained. He is now not only charged with domestic assault but assault of an officer and malicious injury to property.

He faces those charges without sympathy from his step mom.

"I realized I won't let this get me down because I'm too strong willed woman for that," said the woman.