OKC Dinner Club Continues To Serve Despite Being Told To Shut Down

Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 4:59 pm
By: Karl Torp

It's a new take in gourmet dining that has grown in popularity in the metro. But the chefs of this dinner club say the Health Department is out to devour them.

Nani, in the plaza district, bills itself as a “dinner club”, where guests are served as many as 17 different dishes by private chefs. A maximum of 14 people pay $60 each to dine with Nani four nights a week.

“There are no regulations for private Chefs in Oklahoma. We've known that since the beginning. So that's how we've operated,” says Nani Chef Colin Stringer.

The State Health Department calls Nani a restaurant operating without a license. The four chefs that operate Nani have been given a cease and desist order. The State Health Department says it won't comment on ongoing cases.

“We've asked for clarification from the Health Department and have never and never received an answer on it,” says Nani Chef Andon Whitehorn.

Nani Chefs, two of which live in the home where meals are served, are fighting the order. They've hired an attorney and until there is a resolution with the Health Department, the group will continue to serve.