Expert Talks About School Threats As Investigation Continues In Blanchard

Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 5:39 pm
By: News 9

A heavy police presence remains at all Blanchard schools after a threat was made at the high school. This school threat is the latest of many the metro has seen this month.

This latest threat at Blanchard makes for the metro's fifth school threat in just a month; a fact that school administrators believe is a sign of the times and every precaution must be taken.

A bomb sniffing dog and over five separate police departments were in attendance at Blanchard Public Schools after a handwritten letter was found in a high school classroom.

In the note, one student asks, "How much you get?"

Another student is believed to have responded, "Enough to blow up the school and two hand guns."

"You use to you could pick it up and throw it away, but nowadays you have to take it serious," said Blanchard High Principal Dr. Greg Jackson.

Jackson and police also searched every backpack and bag before class; a welcomed action from the high school's some 530 students.

"I thought it was like a good step to take because, I mean, we needed it," said senior Brianna Polymer.

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But the question remains: Why are these threats so common? It seems no one can crack the code.

"I don't have the answer, I really don't," said Jackson.

"I think it might be to get attention," said Polymer.

One expert has a theory.

"It's very easy today for kids to act, to press send, to make a threat before thinking about the consequences," said Ken Trump with National School Safety and Security Services.

Trump is a consultant for school safety and has studied school threats across the nation and has found common patterns.

"Many are frustrated, bullied, angry for some reason at their school and we need to find out why and far too many just seem to get a thrill out of seeing the excitement of police and schools react en masse," said Trump.

"The main thing is it's for the kids, keep them safe and the staff," said Jackson.

The increased security will last until the investigation is complete. Police and teachers will search to match the handwriting with recent homework.

Blanchard High School officials say about 160 students were absent Thursday because of the threat. Those absences will be excused.