Search Warrants Reveal Details About Edmond North Threat

Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 9:31 pm
By: News 9

Investigators say the student had a handwritten plan--a blueprint of exactly where he would place backpack bombs and a car bomb. The big question is why did this kid return to school after there were clear signs he was mentally unstable.

A 16-year-old's alleged plot to "leave a legacy" by carrying out a "mass murder" at Edmond North High School caused quite a scene March 13th. It was ten days after the student first threatened to use explosives to kill students and teachers.

According to the search warrant, the student made alarming statements to counselors at Edmond Family Counseling on March 3rd.

Authorities have said the student went to that facility after school administrators were alerted to potential problems.

Following the visit at Edmond Family Counseling, the student allegedly sent more threatening texts to students -- but returned to the school.

He was pulled from campus on March 6th and checked into an inpatient mental facility.

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While there, the student, according to court records, told several physicians he had "studied previous mass murders" and thought the Columbine killers "didn't kill enough people."

The physicians reported the threats to Edmond Police and warned the student also made similar statements to Edmond Family Counseling the week before, but they were not reported.

Executive Director, Jackie Shaw refused to explain why - "due to privacy and confidentiality of the client" - but a police search of the facility indicates investigators also had questions about what counselors knew.

By the time police were actually notified, they found remnants of an exploded device, backpacks, bottles and explosive components and fuses at his home

Police believed the student was in the testing phase of his plan.

Authorities have recommended the student face charges of making felony threats, manufacturing an explosive and possessing components of an explosive.