Injured Man Recalls Trying To Rescue Truck Driver In Deadly Crash

Sunday, April 5th 2015, 10:44 pm
By: News 9

One man remains in the hospital tonight after that deadly tanker explosion on I-35 and exit 170.

The accident occurred Friday and the driver of the tanker was killed instantly.

Pastor Jason Newby was on his way home to Colorado Friday, when he watched a tanker truck in front of him erupt in flames. And several lives, including his, would change forever.

The aftermath of an explosion is said to be felt from nearly a dozen miles away. The highway: charred. And one driver was killed instantly by the blast. Two others were injured.

One of the injured was Newby.

"I'm just praising God through the whole thing," said Newby.

Newby was a truck behind the tanker when he says its brakes locked up and another semi hit the tanker, which then erupted in flames instantly. Knowing the tanker could explode any second Newby backed up his truck until a man ran up to Newby's window asking for fire extinguishers.

Newby had two, and together the men ran to help the driver of the tanker.

"We thought there was a reasonable chance we could make an effort there to try and do something," Newby said.

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All of a sudden the tanker exploded. Newby was thrown back several feet. His leg was broken from a shrapnel puncture the size of a tennis ball. Blood was everywhere and he couldn't walk.

"I really thought that was the end. I was in a bad place out there," Newby said.

Until that same guy from Newby's window dragged Newby away from the flames. That man then plugged the hole in Newby's leg with combat gauze, stopping the bleeding and likely saving Newby's life.

"He's the real hero in all of this."

As Newby recovers in the hospital, he can't help but to think about the driver of the tanker truck.

"He knew we were giving a shot. He wasn't abandoned. He knew we were giving it a shot and trying to do something."

Still, Newby counts his blessings and is thankful to the man who he credits for saving his life.

"God is big. I don't know why I was spared. I know life is precious man and things can change in an instant."

And Newby's life is about to change once again. His friends and family has started a Go fund Me account and in two days they have already raised over $13,000.

Learn how you can donate.