Court Documents Reveals Details Into Alleged Rape and Kidnapping

Thursday, April 9th 2015, 12:33 am
By: News 9

New legal documents written by a Tuttle man's alleged victims help reveal a world filled with fear and the hope the court system could provide protection.

The details, handwritten by two of at least four alleged victims of 23-year-old Gregory Zavala are horrifying.

In a protective order the victims explain how they continually feared for their lives.

Handwritten words lay out what allegedly happened inside the home of Zavala.

A victim writes on a protective order, "Gregory Zavala beat me with a hammer in the head. He held me there against my will for a duration of almost two years. He threatened me and my son's life if I was ever to leave him or get a restraining order."

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According to court documents, Zavala kept at least three victims at the home taking away cell phones, and even had one victim's car towed.

The victim writes, "I had to leave [school] and three jobs, change my child's daycare and move four times due to my stalking, harassment, and fear for my life as well as my son's life."

She goes on to say "He repeatedly raped and tortured me for hours at a time, occurring at least once a day up to all day. The last physical attack, he pushed me down the stairs of a trailer and I fractured my elbow."

Another victim says "I was held at Greg's home from January to August of 2012. He physically punched and hit me. He also strangled me with a belt, his hand, and hit me in the head with a metal bar."

"He strangled me frequently and I lost consciousness more than once. He held a knife to my wrist."

She goes on to say, "One time he held a gun to my head. He told me the only way I would leave his house would be in a body bag."

According to court documents, two of the victims became pregnant while being held captive, but both were able to escape before giving birth.

At last check, Zavala remains in jail on a $2 million bond.