Elk City School Janitor Among Six Men Accused Of Child Sex Crimes

Monday, April 13th 2015, 10:50 pm
By: News 9

A long time Elk City school janitor is among six men busted in a week long child sex crimes operation.

The arrests are thanks to the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit out of Canadian County.

The Canadian County Sheriff said this by far is the most child predators arrested by that task force in just a week.

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All six men have one thing in common, they thought they were talking to and exchanging pictures with a 14-year-old girl.

Lt. Adam Flowers and his team of investigators have been extremely busy.

Last week, undercover ads were posted on social media including Facebook and Craigslist posing as a 14-year-old girl.

“We don't actually go after anybody, we let them hit us,” said Lt. Adam Flowers, Canadian County investigator.

Flowers said that didn't take long. All six men hit the decoy accounts and immediately began a conversation.

“We started communicating, we let them lead the conversation, and next thing you know, we had six predators that have crossed the line into sexual communication,” said Flowers.

Flowers said soon after they began to receive nude pictures from the suspects. But the concern was particularly high for 62-year-old Michael Black, a janitor at Elk City Public Schools.

“The building that he worked in was the 9th grade building, and that's 13, 14, and 15 years; the same age range that he was trying to hook up with for sex, so we had to move quick,” said Flowers.

Investigators said Black maintained a Craigslist ad saying he was looking for a young female for sex. Black's Craigslist post included a photo of his private parts and desire to hook up for sex with a young girl, "age not being a factor."

During the investigation, Black told an under-cover investigator posing to be a 14-year-old female that he wanted to perform oral sex with her, and stick a sex toy inside her body. Black also indicated that he wanted to perform sexual intercourse with her, and that he would like to get together.

Black was arrested by Canadian County investigators, and provided a full confession.

But prior to his arrest, investigators said Black was also involved in sexually explicit communication with an undercover Enid police officer pretending to be an underage girl. After Black resigned from Elk City Public Schools, he was transported to El Reno and booked into the Canadian County Jail for Soliciting Sex with a Minor.

What investigators found on the cell phone of another suspect, Timothy McKee, was even more disturbing.

“Pre-pubescent child pornography. Those are kids that age range from one to seven,” said Flowers.

More than 1,200 images were recovered. McKee is also accused of regularly having sex with a 15-year-old and recording it.

“We knew that what we really caught was an active predator, one that actually goes out and looks for kids,” said Flowers.

McKee faces charges of Soliciting Sex with a Minor, Rape in the Second Degree, Manufacturing Child Pornography, and Aggravated Child Pornography.

Monday evening, five of the six men were still in jail.

“One of the six lived in Canadian County, so we actually left our county to arrest five,” said Canadian County Undersheriff, Chris West. “Sheriff Edwards is committed to continuing this program until we can't find anymore, I mean that would be a good thing to have; no child predators.”

According to the Canadian County Sheriff's Office, 23-year-old Scott Hollenbeck of Oklahoma City was arrested after he texted two photographs of his private parts to what he believed to be a 14-year-old female.

Hollenbeck faces two counts of Soliciting Sex with a Minor, and one count of Performing Lewd Acts with a Minor.

Christopher Council of Mustang, 22, was arrested after he engaged in sexual conversation with the 14-year-old decoy on Facebook. Council friendship-requested the undercover decoy after he reviewed her profile, and began sending sexually explicit private messages almost immediately, according to the Canadian County Sheriff's Office.

Council requested to meet up with the 14-year-old for sex. He faces a charge of Soliciting Sex with a Minor.

Investigators said 31-year-old Toby Blackwood told the decoy via text message he wanted to have sex with her on his work desk at Primerica in Moore. He faces two counts of Soliciting Sex with a Minor.

Tyler Holcom, 34, provided a full confession to investigators including that he was aware it was unlawful to send sexual communication to a minor. He faces two counts of Soliciting Sex with a Minor.