School Facing Backlash After Video Shows OKC Students Making Dead Cats 'Dance'

Wednesday, May 13th 2015, 6:41 pm
By: Karl Torp

A video sweeping the internet is causing backlash for one Oklahoma City high school.

The video shows Harding Charter Prep anatomy students using dead cats in a choreographed performance. The video, from the last school year, is set to music from a Meow Mix commercial.

The performance by the high school students appeared to be well thought out and practiced.

It showed the cats, set for dissection, being whisked from side to side and up and down in unison. In the end students made reference to their teacher.

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Harding Charter Prep said its now looking into how involved the teacher was in this video.

“I think it was students who made a mistake and hopefully they'll learn from it,” said Harding Charter Principal Justin Hunt.

Hunt said the school has been contacted by media outlets outside the country and outraged educators wondering how this happened.

The school said it will take a closer look at its anatomy program due to the video.

Harding Charter Prep is an A+ school with a 100% graduation rate.

The school said after its own investigation it will decide if any disciplinary action will be taken.