OKC Woman Stresses Importance Of CPR Training

Wednesday, May 20th 2015, 6:08 pm
By: News 9

A mother recently learned, firsthand, how important it can be to have your kids learn CPR. So, for World CPR Day, she took the opportunity to be at Taft Middle School as hundreds of other kids were taught the life-saving technique.

"This is very, very important for you guys to learn because you can make a difference in someone's life," Major Heather Yazdanipour with EMSA explained to a group of students.

The paramedics then pointed to one person who could attest to the importance of learning the technique, Fiona Engle.

"Three months ago, her [Engle] heart stopped beating and her children who are sitting next to her were able to do what you're going to learn today," said Engle.

Engle who was in attendance with her husband and six daughters recently survived sudden cardiac arrest. In February, her oldest daughter, Julia was able to perform the life-saving technique until paramedics arrived to their home.

"You're trained to do it, you just kind of jump in and start," Julia Engle said of the tense moments when her mother was unconscious. "I didn't really have to think about what to do, I just started doing CPR."

Julia Engle explained to her mother that the reaction in that emergency situation was innate because she was CPR certified.

"I'm pretty passionate about CPR now," Fiona Engle said, so much so, she wanted her other children to get the same training.

Engle called EMSA to inquire about training and was invited to participate in the free course offered on World CPR Day.

The entire family tried their hand at it, and now, Engle is encouraging everyone to do the same.

"They can make a difference in someone's life," said Engle.

Learn about the 3 C's (1. Check the victim. 2. Call 911. 3. Compress the chest.) of C.P.R.

EMSA says approximately 1,000 students statewide were trained in the life-saving technique today.