Neighbors Near Lake Thunderbird Worried About Washed-Out Road

Sunday, May 24th 2015, 5:09 pm
By: News 9

Wide spread flooding across the metro continues to cause issues as receding water reveals the true damage. Folks living near Lake Thunderbird woke up in shock finding half of their road missing.

“The day before it was only a foot away from the side and then as last night's rain came in this is what I woke up to this morning,” said Michael Moriarity, who lives on Lago Vista Road.

Moriarity watched his road slowly deteriorate over that past month crumbling into a waist high canyon, leaving his neighbors living on Lago Vista Road north of Lake Thunderbird worried.

“If we get any more rain it's going to be where we can't even get out,” he said.

“No way out. No way to go anywhere. No way for anybody to get in here and help,” said neighbor Crystal Cornett.

The disintegrating road isn't only concern for these neighbors. The rain and flooding has caused driveways connected to Lago Vista to weaken and fall apart.

“You could tell by the way the water was coming the past couple of days that if we had a good downpour... I'm lucky that we still have this much left,” said Moriarity.

The president of the neighborhood homeowners' association tried to keep up with the damaged road by filling in washed our areas.

“We were concerned, but it was something that our people could fix. We can't fix that," said Moriarity's wife, Jamie.

But now the massive hole takes the two-lane road down to barely one lane in areas; a crater too big to be filled in now with gravel.

“It needs to be done right. We don't have the skills. They just come and dump gravel and just kind of spread it out,” said Moriarity.

“It's just not enough the rains are just too heavy,” said Cornett.

While this is a private road, many of the neighbors are starting to feel desperate and plan to call upon FEMA for help.

The Red Cross has a couple of shelters open for flooding victims.

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