Disabled teen proves doctors wrong, plays basketball

Friday, January 4th 2008, 10:51 pm
By: News 9

By Latoya Silmon, NEWS 9

Last year doctors told Chance Cavin a car accident wrecked his chances of ever playing basketball again. Chance proved them wrong.

"I was in the hospital for two months. Had three surgeries," said Cavin.

He has the scar to prove it. A car accident almost wrecked Chance Cavin's future.

"Driving down the road late at night and my buddy was driving, and we got into a car wreck. I flew out the back window of the car, it slammed me on the ground," said Cavin.

Doctors said he'd never walk again.

While the road to recovery to walking and playing again was tough, Chance was determined to rebound.

"I just kept thinking to myself everyday, I know I can play. I know I can play, that just made me push myself everyday even more," Cavin said.

Now, he's the leading scorer for the Prue Rockets, but Cavin's coach says he's much more than that.

"He's just a remarkable kid and on top of that he has a great attitude," said Cavin's coach. "He's friendly, fun. He's neat to be around. I'm just glad to have met him."

But this 18 year old says he only did what he had to do, because for him life without basketball is no life at all.

"I kind of second chanced myself, said Cavin. "I guess that's why my mom named me Chance. I chanced it so I took a chance."

And he scored big time.