Little changes add up to large savings

Tuesday, January 22nd 2008, 12:11 pm
By: News 9

By Amy McRee, NEWS 9

How would you like to save an extra grand this year without giving up your current lifestyle?

It really boils down to simple changes in your day to day spending. Saving a few bucks here and there could net you a good stash of cash in 12 short months. gave some simple ways to save:

1. Look for discounted dinner entrees in the mail, newspaper or online. If you save $5 each time you eat out, by the end of the year you've saved $120.

2. Return any unopened or unused items. Look around your house, you may have a blouse with a tag still on it or something you bought in a bundle that you don't really need. See if you can return it for a refund, adding $10 to $100 to your saving's, depending on the product.

3. Look for extra grocery savings. When you enter the store look for circulars with savings or ask a cashier if there are any coupons or specials deals going on that would apply to your purchase.

Weekly you could save maybe $4.00 which adds up to $208 by the end of the year.

4. Check out materials from the library- movie classics are on hand along with some newer DVDs and even CDs that you could borrow. That's a $10 a month savings, $220 a year.

5. Bundle cable, phone and internet services. With competition on the rise, you can negotiate a promotional rate. Call around and see if your current company will match another's good deal. You also should try doing this with other providers like your alarm company, lawn care or other monthly due. If you reduce your fees $20 a month, you can save $240 a year on each service.

So when you reach that thousand dollar mark, let that cash work for you by putting it into a high interest savings account or mutual fund. A 7 percent interest account will nearly double after 10 years - twice the money no extra work.