Fighting breaks out at farmers market

Friday, January 25th 2008, 9:42 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price's Insite Team

In Oklahoma, we take pride in our local sports. From high school football and basketball, to sculling races in the Oklahoma River, we'll watch almost any type of competition. Thanks to C3 Fights based out of Norman Oklahoma, we now have cage fighting.

According to the vice president of C3 Fights Howard Pollack, there's more to cage fighting than one might think.

"It's a really trained method of fighting," Howard explains. "When somebody puts one hold on you, they have to know what they have to do for the next three holds."

Farmers Market in downtown Oklahoma City will host the cage fighting events once a month. The bouts will feature a lot of fighters from around our state and nearby areas.

"We're getting the best of all the local gyms and we're getting their best fighters," said Pollack. "Oklahoma has some really good talent. They bring all sorts of martial arts to the table."

Steve Schneider is a fighter and the head coach of the Caveman Crew from Kansas City. Steve's Caveman Crew consists of 70 men who just love to fight. For them, this type of fighting isn't a passing fad.

"It's packing in all over the place. I mean, I'm fighting like I fought twelve times this year," Steve said. "I think it's good for Oklahoma."

Ruben Escamilla is another cage fighter who trains in Midwest City. He thinks everyone should come out to a cage fight and give the sport a chance.

"I would encourage everybody to come out," said Ruben. "It's something that's entertaining for everybody, kids and adults alike."

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