Pit Bulls cause trouble

Monday, February 11th 2008, 7:35 pm
By: News 9

By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

A Pit Bull attack leaves another dog dead and its owner mourning, and wanting something done to the attackers.

Doris Belicek says Rufus, her four-year-old part Chihuahua, part Pomeranian was the love of her life.

But a few days ago while she and Rufus were walking in this park, several pit bulls attacked her dog.

"I think he really kept them from getting to me because they seen him and snapped his neck," Belicek said. "And, he let out one little whine and then he was dead."

Pauls Valley police say the dogs had gotten loose from the backyard of this nearby home.

They arrested the owner, Sabrina Briley. She says someone messed with her gate, allowing the dogs to escape.

Neighbors have been worried about those dogs and the safety of their children for some time.

"We've got two here," neighbor Wayne Mikel said. "The neighbors got two or three. There are some little ones, you know, in the houses across here, you know, under two years old. If one of the dogs got a hold of them it would be like what they did to that dog that they got a hold of across the street over there."

Briley's dogs are now in the custody of the local animal shelter.

The fate of these dogs may be determined by a Pauls Valley judge at a hearing on Thursday.

Belicek has no doubt in her mind what should be done with them.

"I want them put down, I want them put down," Belicek said.

Friends of Belicek, and friends of Rufus, have sent sympathy cards. And some are urging the city to improve its ordinances.

"We are going to put a package together, meet with the City Council," daughter Colleen Martin said. "We are looking at making the fines a little stiffer."

But nothing can bring Rufus back to those who loved him.

Pauls Valley officials say Sabrina Briley has been fined before, for having a dog at large.