Church services canceled due to flu

Wednesday, February 20th 2008, 1:07 pm
By: News 9

By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

Normally around this time every week about two dozen parishioners show up for Bible study and choir practice at Christ's Christian Church. But tonight, the doors are closed and the services are canceled to hopefully stop this fast spreading stomach flu.

The pews are empty, the piano untouched and the songs of faith that often echo throughout this parish is now filled with silence because of a fast spreading stomach flu.

"It seems like we're having a lot of problems getting over it so they'd re-infect and so on and so forth, and we noticed this kept happening," parishioner Neda McCay said.

It kept happening and the attendance is dwindling.

"We always enjoy it," parishioner Cleveland Brewer said about Wednesday nights. "It's a time of getting together, but it's quite a long week going without Wednesday night."
And a long week it has been. The severe illness has affected more than the parishioners here at the church; their minister and pastor also caught the bug.

"I think just to back up and let people try to get healthy for a while is a good thing to do," McCay said.

For now they're closing their doors.

"We hope no one else comes down with the symptoms," Brewer said.

The parishioners tell say they don't know when they will reopen just yet, but they hope by getting the word out about how serious this flu is others can practice the same precautions.

About 60 parishioners attend the church.