Newest disco dancers in diapers

Friday, February 22nd 2008, 4:51 pm
By: News 9

By Mary Joseph, NEWS 9

HOUSTON -- Decisions, decsions. It's not always easy to pick the perfect outfit for an afternoon of clubbing. She's only 4, but Robin is headed to a grown-up nightclub that transforms into an afternoon Baby Loves Disco party.

"It's interactive," said Cheryl Miller, Baby Loves Disco organizer. "It's not parents watching children, it's children and parents having fun together."

With disco music pulsating - at a decible that is kid-friendly - Robin's parents say it's a great way to get her up and moving.

"It's much better then just sitting your kid in front of a TV," said Christi Schaeffer, Robin's mom.
The general rule - age 7 and below are invited to cut it up on the dance floor with mom and dad.  And there are plenty of toys to help get the booties bouncing.

Some of the dancers feel right at home showing off their disco moves and for the bashful, after a few minutes of hearing the beat - it becomes easy to catch boogie fever as a DJ spins from the booth.

"As a college student, I used to come here and hang out," said deejay Ricardo Rico, "Never thought I would be deejaying for babies here."

If your kid needs a break from the dancing they can grab some snacks or go hang out in the chill out room. Filled with pillows, toys and books, the kids can give their weary feet a break.
So what do first-timers at baby loves disco think?

"I think it's a good idea," said Loren Williams. "I wish it were somewhere other then a night club."

Williams has reservations bringing her son to a club where there is alcohol.  There is a cash bar at this party.  But Robin's parent's don't mind.

"There are many restaurants in town that serve alcohol too and there is alcohol at baseball games," Schaeffer said.

Organizers ask parents to keep their drinks at least 3 feet above the floor, so little hands can't reach them.

The Baby Loves Disco party in Houston charges $12 that includes snacks and juice for the kids.

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