Bricktown Bash hopes to bring NBA team to Oklahoma

Saturday, February 23rd 2008, 8:25 pm
By: News 9

By Rusy Surette, NEWS 9

Supporters of a tax that would help lure an NBA team to Oklahoma City are trying to get everybody on board, including those who can't vote.

Aubrey Hermen is trying to get the attention of David Stern and the rest of the NBA.

"I wrote ‘Let's shoot some hoops and bring the NBA to OKC'," Hermen said.

The 10-year-old and her brother are hoping their letters and posters will be enough to bring basketball back to Oklahoma City.

The Hermens joined over a dozen other kids at this rally in downtown Saturday morning; all wanting to bring basketball back to Oklahoma City.

Their parents wish it was as easy as just signing their name.
The adults here plan to vote ‘yes' to an extension of penny sales tax that is currently helping pay for MAPS for kids. The money from the tax helps fund improvements at the Ford Center.

"We don't want to just win this election with a couple of percentage points," Roy Williams of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber said. "We want to send a very strong message to the NBA that OKC is really behind this."

Williams says the purpose of this rally is to remind voters that the NBA is more than just basketball.

"They do charities, they do outreaches to kids," Williams said. "They encourage kids about staying in school and getting an education."

And that's why Jeff Hermen, Zane and Aubrey's dad, is voting ‘yes' for the tax extension on March 4.

"We love the improvements that have been going on in Oklahoma City over the past few years, and we'd like to see more of that happening," Harmen said.

City leaders are hoping all citizens, no-matter the age, will be team-players when it comes to backing a pro-basketball team in Oklahoma.

During the Bricktown Bash there were a couple of protesters on the outside.

Sunday night at 10, NEWS 9 will take a look at the growing group of people who plan to vote no on March 4 and why.

"I just want more information on the other side out there," David Glover, opposes tax continuation, said. "They have really good, slick advertising that's well funded."

NEWS 9 will have more from David and other voters who oppose the tax continuation Sunday at 10.