Laser promises to shed the pounds

Wednesday, February 27th 2008, 7:06 pm
By: News 9

By Kirsten McIntyre, NEWS 9

A new laser promises to not only help shrink inches, but it will also give you younger looking skin.

Crystal Newman is an Accent Laser patient. She wants to shed the years and back the body she had before she had three children.

"Two were ‘C' section, after having them I had some loose skin I really wanted to get rid of," Newman said.

By using advanced radio frequency technology, the device is tightening her skin.

"A tummy tuck was a definite no for me," Newman said. "This sounded like the most painless way to go.  So far, it's been great."

Dr. Gina Ressler of Signature Skin Care said the Accent Laser can be used on the face, arms, stomach and buttocks.

"Those areas of the body that tend to hold on to fat and it's difficult to spot treat and get that to go away with diet and exercise," Ressler said.

Dr. Ressler said the laser even tackles the problem of cellulite, something many women battle without success.

"It's also made a remarkable change with people with cellulite; it will help melt pockets of fat," Ressler said.

Besides her stomach, Newman has also had the back of her legs treated.

"I exercise," Newman said. "I walk as much as I can but that usually don't get rid of the cellulite. This smoothes it out. Helps it have more of a nice appearance."

Some people say they're seeing results after just one treatment. Doctors really recommend four to six treatments for each area.

Newman said the treatment doesn't really hurt but at times, her skin becomes extremely warm. Regardless, she recommends the laser for others wanting to find their fountain of youth.

"If you really want to have something done quickly with as little pain as possible I think accent is a great way to go," Newman said.

A treatment costs $700 each session.

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