Investigation continues in fatal plane crash

Wednesday, March 5th 2008, 8:06 pm
By: News 9

By Charles Bassett, NEWS 9

More information is surfacing about the investigation into a plane crash that killed five Oklahomans.

The small jet went down Tuesday near NW 10 Street and County Line Road.

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board say they should have a preliminary report within five days. But it could be six months before they have a final report. They spent the day going through the wreckage trying to determine what they have to work with.

There is very little left of the private plane, but investigators with the NTSB hope the biggest piece left behind, the tail section, will yield some answers.

"The cockpit voice recorder is located in the back of the airplane," National Transportation Safety Board Investigator, Tim LeBaron said. "Yes, it's true the stuff is spread out over a wide area. Fortunately, the tail of the aircraft where it's located is pretty much together. So, I have high hopes that we'll find it in good enough shape to get information."

Flying conditions will also be a factor.

"We'll look at the environment. We'll look at what was the weather like at the time, was there other airplanes in the area at the time?" LeBaron said.

We're learning more about the victims in the crash. Tim Hartman, 44, was the pilot. He was a married father of two.

"Tim's a great friend," Richmond Logan said. "It's just starting to hit, you know? It really hadn't fully hit yet. He's just a great guy in the church, you know? It's been over at the house. A lot of the members and leaders of the church have come over and everybody's going to miss Tim."

Hartman was a missionary for the South Yukon Church of Christ and had been flying for more than two decades.

"He loved flying," Logan said. "He talked about it all the time. He's been doing it for close to 20 years, maybe longer."

Funeral services for Hartman will be held this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the South Yukon Church of Christ.

The other victims have been identified as Rick Sandoval, Garth Bates, Frank Pool Junior and Lloyd Austin.

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