Missing road leaves truck suspended over sink hole

Monday, March 17th 2008, 5:08 pm
By: News 9


BINGER -- A 63-year-old Fort Cobb man was injured Monday when he drove into a section of washed-out roadway, leaving his pickup truck suspended across the open sink hole, police said.

Jimmie L. Gunter was southbound on County Road 2540 near Binger about 10:34 a.m. when the crash occurred, police said.

"As I come up to the top of the hill, well, there wasn't, it looked like road to me, and I just, it fell, the road just fell in under me," Gunter said.  "I remember hitting the steering wheel. And I guess that's what knocked me out."

Gunter lay unconscious inside his truck for at least thirty minutes until rescuers arrived.

Twin Cities Fire Chief David Pack said patrolmen had to break into the vehicle to rescue Gunter.

 "The highway patrolman ran across the pickup and knocked out the passenger side window and attempted to kick the windshield out; he eventually got it kicked out," Pack said.

Officials rushed Gunter to the hospital in Carnegie. He's now recovering from his injuries and struggling to cope with his sudden fame.

Video of Gunter's perilous plight has been shown nationwide.

Gunter hopes in the future that spot in the road, which has collapsed before, will be fixed for good. For now, Jimmie Gunter would like to get a little rest.

Gunter was injured underneath his rib cage, his neck and his lower back.