Pauls Valley woman remembers killed dog

Monday, March 17th 2008, 7:37 pm
By: News 9

By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

America is still a country where an ordinary citizen can make changes.

A woman, whose dog was recently killed by some other dogs that were running loose, won a dog fight in her community.

She lives in Pauls Valley, and we've told you about her before.

It's been six weeks since some pit bulls killed Doris Belicek's dog Rufus. She's slowly getting over it.

"I'm getting better; I'm not feeling him sitting beside me as much as I did, "owner Doris Belicek said. "I'm not feeling him lying in the bed with me like I did. There for a while I thought he was here; I talked to him."

The dogs that killed Rufus have been put down. But Belicek knew more had to be done.

"I was terrified and if we can keep those vicious dogs off the streets, where us old people are not so scared to get out and walk," Belicek said.

So Belicek and others starting calling and networking, and then last week they went before the Pauls Valley City Council to try to add more teeth to the existing dog ordinance. They succeeded.

The revised ordinance now defines a vicious dog as one that bites another animal, not merely a human being.

And if a dog is declared vicious, its owner must buy a hundred thousand dollars in liability insurance.

"It will give us some teeth and more responsibility on the owners to take care of their animals or they won't be in Pauls Valley," Pauls Valley Police Chief, Dennis Madison said.

Belicek says she's learned a valuable lesson.

"I've learned that people need to open their mouths once in a while instead of letting someone else handle it," Belicek said.

Nothing can ever replace Rufus, but Doris Belicek says she's ready to get a new dog.